Welcome to 2AB 2018-19
Update section:
Welcome to Year 2.
Well, the children have now been in Year 2 for a couple of weeks and are already looking more grown up and used to their new routines.  We have been delighted at the way they have settled into the class.  We had a great day at Porthpean which was a super start to the year and a good way to quickly get to know each other.
Please have a look at our Beach Combers topic planned for this half term an let us know if you have any expertise you would like to share with us.
Please let us know if there is anything you need to tell us so that we can work together to sort out any small worries the children have before they grow into bigger problems.  We all want happy children who are ready to learn.
Ann Bradley, Emma Waugh and Heloise Grubb