Our Curriculum

Curriculum Statement

We have invested in the Cornerstones curriculum in order to give a consistency of approach to learning in all classes through 4 distinct learning phases. Every Imaginative Learning Project is organised around activities planned to Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express children’s newly acquired knowledge, skills and understanding. 

The Cornerstones curriculum is matched to the 2014 national curriculum. All the themes are exciting, imaginative and devised to ignite in children a curiosity and fascination to learn more. If a subject does not naturally link with the topic the subject is given a chunk of curriculum time to provide opportunities to develop pupils'  skills in this area in depth. Your child's class page will have the topic plan for the current half term available to download which will outline specific areas of the curriculum covered.


Pupils in Year 1 & Year 2 are learning through the Singapore Maths approach to Mathematics, using Maths No Problem!  Pupils in Years 3-6 are being taught with the mastery approach, following the White Rose curriculum for Mathematics.
In January, we will be introducing Club 99 - a programme to develop mental calculation skills.  More information on this will be available here soon.
In addition, we make the most of opportunities to use and apply mathematical skills through a series of investigations. You can discover more about the methods of calculation we use across the school in our Calculation Methods page.
There are a number of elements which combine to create the English Curriculum:
Reading and Phonics
Spelling and Grammar
You can read about each of these by following the links.
Early Years Foundation Stage
Pupils join the school in EYFS, also known as Reception Class.  You can read more about the EYFS Curriculum and approach to teaching and learning here.
Following the removal of National Curriculum levels, there is an alternative system for assessment in operation in the school. You can read our Assessment Statement to find out more.