Mount Charles response to Covid-19 - Spring 2021

We will continue to provide updates for our response to Covid-19
and advice through this section of our website.

Our school closed to all children apart from our vulnerable and children of critical workers on Tuesday 5th January as directed by the Government. A form was sent to all parents on the 5th January to book a place in school. If your circumstances have changed and you need a school place please contact the school office via email: or telephone: 01726 73911

National lockdown – closure of schools

Priority groups for all pupils on site

 Our Trust is experiencing an extremely high demand for critical worker places. We ask that parents/carers do not use a critical worker place if there is another adult at home, even if you are entitled to. The national lockdown is intended to minimise community transmission. Rates in Cornwall are rising quickly. Please keep your children at home if you can do so.

In line with Government guidance, CELT will offer on-site provision to vulnerable pupils and a full-time place to the children of critical workers where you can demonstrate your employment falls into a priority group. In the case of ‘separated’ families, the child must also live with you during the week.

However, because of the high demand we may find it necessary to limit the numbers to ensure that pupils and staff can work safely and that the risk of transmission is not increased in our communities.

In the case of oversubscription for the places we have available, we will follow the prioritisation protocol set out below.

Priority 1:         Vulnerable pupils, including those with an EHCP. Please see attached list.

Priority 2:         Both parents (or the only parent) have a job in list A and require a place for on- site provision.

Priority 3:         Both parents (or the only parent) have a job in list A or B and require a place for on-  site provision. 

Priority 4:         Both parents (or the only parent) have a job in list A, B or C and require a place for on-site provision. 

Group A

Group B

Group C

NHS Frontline Staff


Care Workers


Police, ambulance, fire and rescue services


Childcare staff

support and teaching staff

social workers

specialist education professionals who must remain active during the coronavirus (COVID-19) response to deliver this approach

Prison and probation staff

Food Production /Sales /Distribution (workers vital to C-19 response only)


Pharmaceutical Production or Sales


Hygiene/Healthcare Production or Sales (workers vital to C-19 response only)


Oil, Gas, Electricity and Water Sectors (Including Sewage)


Waste Disposal (workers vital to C-19 response only)


Transport Workers (workers vital to C-19 response only)

Essential Financial Workers


Postal Services & Delivery


Local Government/Council


Essential retail workers

The likelihood is that in some CELT schools we will not be able to offer all parents the places they require, even if they are critical workers. If this is the case, your child’s name will be placed on a reserve list and you will be informed immediately if a place becomes available.