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Monday 25th June 2018 - Nine Ashes residential
CAMP MEETING INFORMATION - if you were unable to attend the camp meeting, I have attached a copy of the Powerpoint containing all of the key information.
All about us:
Welcome to Year 4, Mr Rees and Mrs Nancollis work in 4LR. This term our topics will be The Celts and Romans and Extreme Earth. The children will explore life in the times of the Celts, they will look at the innovations the Romans brought us and the evidence they left behind. We will welcome the wonderful storyteller Clive Pig, who will take us on a journey through life as a Roman or Celt. 4LR will also visit the Eden Project to go ice skating, as a reward for all of their hard work in making the Christmas Tree decorations. 
After half term our focus will be on the Earths natural disasters. We will investigate global warming, earthquakes, volcanoes and Tsunamis. We will look at what happens when these natural disasters occur and try to find ways of combating it. 
In maths our key focus will be on developing the childrens fluency in all areas of multiplication and division. We will aim to ensure that all children are able to apply their knowledge and understanding to different reasoning and problem solving challenges. In addition, we will be looking at all areas of fractions. To help support the children at home you could use the subscriptions that they have to Sumdog and Times Tables Rock Stars. We also send home a fluency challenge sheet from our 99 club, please support the children with this.
To support your children's reading comprehension the school have invested in the program, Accelerated Reader. Once your child has read their book, they take a short quiz. It then sends the teacher the results and we are able to help target areas of weakness and provide support and intervention. We ask that to support your child you should aim to listen to, or read to, your child for 20 minutes at least 4 times a week. It would help us if this information was recorded in their home school diaries.
Finally, the children will be given 4 new spellings a week. They will be tested weekly until they have 20 spellings. We will then give them an assessment. 
If you have any queries please contact the school office and arrange a meeting, or catch me in the playground at the end of the day.  
Time lapse video of Sam and Witney decorating our tree at the Eden Project.
School trips:
Have a look at what we got up to on our recent trip to Truro Museum. Our focus was on seeing a real life mummy and finding out all about our great county - Cornwall!
Our Curriculum
Here is an overview of our curriculum. If you would like to find out more about what we do, please book an appointment with the class teacher.
Term 1 topic overview:
Term 2 topic overview:
Term 3 - Topic overview
Additional Information:
Please have a look at our class welcome meeting PowerPoint. If you are new to year 4 or were unable to make the meeting this will explain all of our expectations in year 4.