Our curriculum

Tuesday 9th January 2018 – Class trip to Flambards.

All about us:

Welcome to Year 3. Mrs Meade and Mrs Welch work in 3CD.


This term our topic will be World War Two. The children will learn about many aspects of the War including the reasons it started, how it ended; child evacuees; rationing and food production. We will be visiting Flambards very early in the topic so that the children can fully appreciate the environment and further their understanding of Britain in the Blitz.


After half term our focus will be on Plants and we will be looking closely at life cycles and conditions needed for germination.


In maths, we will be continuing our focus on multiplication and division. We will aim to ensure that all children are able to develop their fluency before applying their knowledge and understanding to different reasoning/ problem solving challenges. The focus then shifts to money where the children will learn to add and subtract amounts to give change and use symbols for pounds & pence in a practical context.


Support at Home

To help your child at home we suggest you use Sumdog and Times Tables Rock Stars.  99 club challenge sheets will continue to be sent home at the end of each school week. Your support with all of the above is very much appreciated.


We are continuing to use Accelerated Reader to support your child’s reading comprehension. Once your child has read their book, they will take a short quiz. It then sends the teacher the results and we are able to help target areas of weakness and provide support and intervention. We ask that to support your child you should aim to listen to, or read to, your child for 20 minutes at least 4 times a week. It would help us if this information was recorded in their home school diaries.


Finally, the children will be given 4 new spellings a week. They will be tested weekly until they have 20 spellings. We will then give them an assessment. 


Welcome to Year 3, Mrs. Degenhardt, Mrs. Welch and Miss Andrews work in 3CD.
This term our topic will be 'The Stone Age Settlers' and 'How Land is Used'. The children will explore the Stone Age through to the Iron Age, whilst learning about how land was used to sustain the people of that time. 
In maths our key focus will be on developing the children's fluency in all areas of Place Value, addition and subtraction. This focus will enable children to apply their knowledge to different problem solving and reasoning challenges. To help support the children's learning at home you can use the subscriptions that they have to Sum Dog and Times Tables Rock Stars. We also send home the appropriate level of their 99 Club to practise.
This year to support your children in their reading comprehension, we have invested in Accelerated Reader, which is a rigorous program to develop understanding of different texts. Once your child has read their book thoroughly (possibly more than once if they have a small book), they can take the quiz which checks their understanding and gives them a score. To support your child, we ask that you hear them read at least four times a week - asking a couple of questions about what they have just read. It would help us to track those that are not reading at home, if you could sign their Reading Record when you have done so.
Finally the children will be given four new spellings a week to learn at home. They will be tested weekly until they have had twenty spellings and then the cycle will start again. At times they will be given topic based words to learn as well.
If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact the school office and arrange a meeting or you can catch me in the playground at the end of the school day.
We have already been to Chysauster, where the children saw an Iron Age village with nine well preserved huts. The children measured the stones; sketched the houses and had a great time looking around the layouts of each of the houses. They were surprised at just how organised the Iron age people were. Whilst we were there, there were several comments about how well behaved the children  were. Well done to all of Year 3.