Welcome to 2AB 2017-18
Welcome to our class section of the website.  The children have now had their first month in Year 2.  They have settled nicely and are already seeming more grown up and proud to be at the top of the infants!   It will be both a busy and enjoyable year for them we hope and we've planned lots of exciting things throughout the year including visits out of school.  Details of these can be seen on this page and all the details are now on the Parent Pay so you can easily plan and spread payments over the year.  
Well done on the start so far with reading.  Several children have now finished their first reading challenge so please do keep reading with your child.  We check books every Friday but the children can change their books every day if needed.  All children read every day at school but not necessarily the books they bring home.  Reading is an integral part of our English lessons every day.
The 99 Club has gone down well with the children and most are proudly wearing their badges.  The aim is to get the children to a stage where they know the number bonds without needing to perform calculations.  However, we appreciate this is easier for some than others.  We will continue to support your child's needs as appropriate.   Every couple of weeks I set a challenge on Sumdog for children which is directly linked to their ability level and the maths work we are doing in class.  This is a good tool for children to use to reinforce their learning at home as well as in school.  
Spellings - The children have their spelling lists for the half term.  Please support them to learn them at home.  If the list has gone astray get them to ask for a new one.
Finally it is important that we keep in touch so please don't hesitate to have a chat with me at the start or the end of the day if there is anything you or your child is unsure of.   If you think it needs more time feel free to make an appointment.  Parents evenings are coming up so I look forward to meeting you all then.
Ann Bradley
See separate document for trip details.
Please have a look at out class curriculum for the year.  You never know you might be able to be an expert helper!