Welcome to 2AB 2017-18
Update section:
Welcome to the Second Half of the Spring Term.
Our topic this half term is 'Plants' and the children will be finding out about the variety of plants around them and looking after seeds and bulbs to nurture them to grow.  They will be learning what a plant needs to thrive.
We will be visiting The Eden Project on Thursday 8th March in connection with this topic so please see the letter on this page.
This half term the children will be learning the concepts of multiplication and division. Most should know the facts of the 10, 2 and 5 times table by half term.  We will approach it using lots of practical apparatus to begin with and using a range of interactive approaches including computer programs.  To begin with any practice of counting in 10s, 2s and 5s would help the children.
The class are now signed up with Times Tables Rockstars to support them learning their tables.  This is online and can be accessed with a tablet or laptop.  Just select the student log in and the children should know their login details.  
As usual if there is anything you are not sure about or just want us to know then please pop in for a chat.  We are always striving to make sure your child's time in school is a happy time where they can learn with security and confidence.
Ann Bradley, Emma Waugh and Shirley Solomon 
Please have a look at out class curriculum for the year.  You never know you might be able to be an expert helper!