Parent Staff Association (PSA)

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To get in touch with our PTA, please send an email to
We are looking for your help!

After years of support, Keli has stepped down as Chair of the PSA. We would like to thank her for everything she has done for the pupils of the school.

We have heard of one parent who would be interested in helping to lead the PSA but does not want to do it all on her own - are you interested in helping her? If so, please see the school office or Mr Simmons or Mr Willetts.

Thank you!

Valentines Disco

Once again the pupils had a fantastic time at the Valentines disco.

Christmas Fair

Thank you to everyone who either donated items, were able to help during the day or in the afternoon or came to the fair. We raised an amazing £2,100 for the school. We must thank Barclay's Bank for their generosity as they contributed £1,000 towards this total.

As well as raising a fantastic amount of money, it was great to see so many people having a great time at the Christmas Fair.

Well done, especially to Keli who put so much time and effort into the organisation of this event.

Autumn Disco

Children across the school (Infants and Juniors) enjoyed themselves at the disco on Thursday 23rd October.

Thank you to the parents and staff who supported the discos. An impressive profit was raised on the night. Well done to everyone!

What we have bought

We have recently paid for the new playground equipment in the bottom playground along with the new markings - the children are really enjoying playing on the new apparatus. We also rely on donations from the PSA to go towards the cost of coaches when year groups go on educational visits.

How to Get Involved

A PSA (Parent Staff Association) works best when lots of people are actively involved. The funds raised by the events go towards enhancing the education of all the pupils in the school. If you would like to find out how you can help the PSA please see Keli (parent of a child in Year 3) or ask in the school office.