Welcome to class RGB. I would like to say a big thank you to all of you and for your support whilst settling your children into Mount Charles. The children have explored their new learning environment and made lots of new friends.
The children have been learning our Diamond Rules and  how to behave in the classroom and outdoors.
The children now have their carpet smart spots, which are animal groups: hedgehogs, foxes, mice, rabbits and squirrels. The children have been doing super smart sitting and listening during carpet times.
We have been learning about numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 in a variety of exciting ways: shopping for flowers in our flower shop; making play dough birthday cakes; creating number collages; writing numbers in damp sand; singing number rhymes. 
The children will have the opportunity over the coming months to spend a couple of nights and days with our class rabbit, Peter. We look forward to sharing Peter's adventures in class and seeing photos of what Peter has been doing during his time with your children.
 Trips for Autumn term
These are our upcoming trips for this term:
Autumn walk to Kingswood - October 18th £2.20
Walk to Asda Bakery - November 14th No charge
We are becoming super speedy sounders. We hope you are all enjoying practicing phonics at home with your children and you can see the progress they are beginning to make. Please continue to practice the sounds with your children daily to help them to become good readers and writers. 
We would like to thank everyone for their support during our Asda trip to the bakery. The children were shown around the bakery and then tasted six different types of bread: pitta bread; cheese straws; bread sticks; fruit loaf; tiger bread; chocolate brioche.   
The children have been focusing on numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and are now focusing on 3D shapes.
Last term the children were busy learning how to add to 10, subtract within 10, compare height, lengths, weight, capacity and distances.
This week we will be looking at numbers 11 and 12 with the children. Please look at the newsletter below. 
The children will be role playing in a Chinese restaurant/takeaway this term. We will also be looking at how the Chinese people celebrate the Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the Dog. 
Trips for 2018
Caerhays Castle - Monday 12th March 2018.  
Lanhydrock  -  RGB Monday 21st May 2018,    
                          REJ Thursday 24th May 2018. 
Porthpean beach - July 2018, date TBC.       
We have recently sent home a sheet of high frequency and tricky words for your child to learn how to read and spell. We will be testing the children at various points during the term to see how they are progressing. Learning these at home will really improve and progress your children's writing and reading ability. Thank you for your ongoing support with your children's learning at home.
Unfortunately, due to the recent snow and the farmer needing to return the lambs to the fields with their mums we will have to cancel our Caerhays trip. 
On the plus the cold spell is over and we now have spring in the air. Please take walks with your children to go and look at the lambs and their mothers in fields that are in your local areas. 
We look forward to our other two trips that we have planned and are coming up this year.
The children have really enjoyed learning about St. Piran today. They have been making St. Piran flags and learning all about the story of St. Piran. Ask them some questions. Find out what they have learnt. 
Today, Wednesday 7th March, we have sent home letters in your children's book bags about our next trip to Lanhydrock. Please could you read the letter, pay for trip on ParentPay and return the slips on the bottom of the letters as soon as possible. 
Many thanks
G Behennah
The children have been learning to double and halve this week. They are amazing at it. They have learnt that you have to have two numbers that are the same to double, and  they can confidently double numbers 1-5. If you ask the children to double 5 and 4, they will tell you they can't. They can explain that you need to add one more or take one away to make the numbers the same because you need the numbers to be the same to double them. They also know that they need to be able to halve amounts into two equal groups of numbers when halving or sharing an amount. If the amount is uneven they will be able to add one more or take one away to allow them to halve the given amount.
Ask your children to sing you the double song or the halving song. 
Test them on their doubling and halving. They will really impress you. 
Happy Mothers Day.
Thank you all for your continuing support.
We hope you have all enjoyed the Easter break and not eaten too many Easter eggs. The children enjoyed an egg hunt on the last day of school with the help of the year 6 children. The children hunted high and low in the playgrounds for various colour eggs, that had to placed in the correct colour buckets. We then discovered that the Easter Bunny had left each child an Easter egg (which i'm sure the children enjoyed). 
We have been lucky enough to be given some caterpillars to study the process of metamorphosis over the next few weeks. If your children show a sudden interest in caterpillars and butterflies, this could explain why. 
Please can you all make sure that you have paid for the Lanhydrock Teddy Bear's Picnic trip that is coming up. The deadline is the 14th of May 2018.
RGB's trip date: Monday 21st May 2018
REJ trip date: Thursday 24th May 2018
The children have been writing about their Easter holidays. 
We have been looking at time and are now focusing on numbers 13-20. 
The children are watching as our caterpillars get bigger and bigger. We don't think it will be long until they turn into a chrysalis.
Please look at newsletter 26 above to see what the children were learning last week and how you can support them in learning numbers to 20.
Well who can believe that your children have almost completed their first year at school?!?
Where has the time gone!
The children have been busy over the last couple of weeks getting ready for Year 1. They have had a visit from their new teacher, been up to spend the morning with their new teacher and TA in their new class room and have had their first playtime in the top yards. The children are all getting really excited.
All of the children's reports have now gone out, so please check your child's book bag for these. 
A reminder that our beach trip on Monday 16th July is fast approaching. Please can you ensure you have returned the permission slip and paid for the trip on ParentPay. We hope the good weather will continue on the day, so please remember sun cream, hats and drinks on the day.  
The children can bring some money in a 'named purse/ money bag' to buy themselves an ice-cream on the day.